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Marketing agencies are struggling to keep up with the demands of brands in the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape. We provide a solution that enables marketers to focus on strategy without the need for complicated coding tools. Our platform offers a range of options, including a free version and customizable agency plans for every budget. Plus, you can earn up to 20% in commissions by choosing Taglayer.

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Taglayer Forever Free

We believe everyone should be able to deliver outstanding customer experiences which is why we offer a forever free version to all our users. For those that grow and wish to upgrade, we offer a low-cost plan starting from €99.99/mo. All our plans can be completely customized to your liking, giving you the best value for your money.

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Extensive audience targeting

Create custom audiences and segment your visitors by device, interests, or browser just to name a few. Our audience overview will give you in-depth information about your visitors and their behavior on your website. Forget complicated Google Analytics and discover an easy way to track your visitors.

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Your all-in-one marketing platform

Our forever free version includes all the features you need before making a final decision. Use our visual or code editor to adapt your website, create custom journeys, draft email campaigns, run A/B tests, and discover many other features all combined within one platform.

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First-party cookies

Tackle the loss of third-party cookies with first-party data. With tech giants rolling back their support of third-party cookies, it’s becoming harder for marketers to get closer to their website visitors across different platforms. Taglayer allows you to get a better understanding of your audience and use your own first-party cookies to push this data to your favorite platforms like Meta Business Manager and Google Ads to name a few.

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Earn a recurring commission

Earn up to 20% in recurring commissions when one of your clients decides to use Taglayer. Another key benefit of knowing how our tool works and implementing it with your clients is that you can charge onboarding and maintenance fees to grow your profit even more. Don’t worry, we’ll bill you and not your clients.

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"We generated 29% extra job applicants by using Taglayer. After testing multiple variants of our homepage against the original, we also extrapolated other key learnings from the results and a 12% bounce percentage decrease."

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Cédric Habex

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