Playground for marketers

Create journeys by using parameters across different channels. Combine channels to get your audience closer to your desired conversion and play with different strategies.

Show relevant content based on the stage of the funnel

Different customer segments require different approaches and different content to get to the next step of your funnel. Our platform allows you to make your static content dynamic and will adapt itself automatically to the right audience.

pop-up with images that adapted to individual interests

Multichannel journey builder

Our tool allows you to combine your different channels into one journey that delivers an outstanding customer experience throughout the whole journey, across various different touchpoints.

different channels with finish purchase reminders

Use A/B tests to see what changes really work

Easily put every single element of your customer journey through a thorough A/B test before making the final changes to your website. From website elements to emails and more. You name it, and we’ll enable you to use an A/B test to make sound decisions.

ab test and result of different banners

Deliver great experiences.

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