Create killer campaigns with your own data instead of being limited by the restrictions of third-party cookies. Retarget your website visitors with your own primary data and send your target audience straight to your Meta Business Manager or Google Ads Manager.

Use your first-party cookie data

With the upcoming restrictions of third-party cookies, your own website data will become more important than ever in the future. Our retargeting options allow you to use your own primary data and create journeys with it to retarget your website visitors.

visitor overview

Send pixel events to create an audience in your Business Manager

Website abandonment rates are higher than ever. Remind your customers of your offer by showing them relevant ads on their social media channels. Create your own pixel events within our journey builder to filter your audience for your Facebook or Instagram campaigns. Send these predefined pixel events to your Facebook Business Manager and start using them in your ads.

Facebook ad with pixel and interests

Use events to send an audience straight to your Google Ads Manager

Create custom events with our journey builder, using all kinds of filters and criteria. Send these custom events straight to your Google Ads Manager and start targeting your predefined audiences with your Google Ads.

Google ad with interests and Google Event

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