Visitor overview

Are you curious about who your visitors are and what they have been up to on your website? Our dashboard is made so that you can get a transparent overview of everyone who visits your website.

Identify known and unknown visitors

Taglayer offers an easy and transparent overview of all your visitors, even the unknown ones. On average, 97% of all website visitors remain unknown. Understanding what they have been doing on your website will be of great value to any business.

visitor overview with names and pictures

Automatically gather all your visitor data

Taglayer will store all the information of your visitors, without you having to do anything. This data will be presented in a clear interface that allows you to understand your visitors better than ever.

highlighted visitor with picture

Use filters to segment data

Simply create smaller audiences by filtering out irrelevant profiles. Taglayer allows you to split your visitors into different, smaller audiences that have several characteristics in common.

Filters overview

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