Use filters

Divide your audience into relevant segments that match your desired target audience. Use filters to create audience lists that you can use to create the perfect customer experience that makes your audience convert.

Split your audience on mutual interests

Your audience consists of a lot of different people, and therefore a lot of different personalities with different interests. Divide your audience based on their interests in order to deliver a more personalized experience to each segment.

 runner surrounded by his interests and recommendation pop-up

Divide your audience based on their conversions

Not all visitors are in the same part of your funnel, meaning they need to be targeted in different ways to get them further down the funnel. Use your conversions, or the lack of them, to divide your audience into smaller groups. This will enable you to push different content to different segments depending on what part of the funnel they belong to.

 Woman surrounded by different types of conversions

Use website behavior to break up your audience

Segment your audience based on what they have been doing on your website. Use filters like page visits, how many times they have browsed your website, when they have last visited your website, and how they have entered your website to split your audience.

 Woman in font of website with her website behavior

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