Detailed overview

Get in-depth knowledge of each individual visitor and understand their website behavior and their intent. Our dashboard will give you a detailed overview of everything a visitor has done and give you product or content recommendations for that specific visitor. This enables you to tailor your customer experience to their individual preferences and interests.

Activity overview

Get a thorough understanding of everything your visitor has been doing on your website with our audience overview. Each visitor will have their own user profile that shows you what they have clicked, which conversions have taken place, or where they abandoned your website.

detailed overview of someone’s behavior

Unique interests

Each individual is different and has their own personality, interests, and lifestyle. The same goes for your website visitors. They’re all different with their own characteristics and unique interests. Our tool allows you to get a better understanding and deeper knowledge of each visitor’s interests when browsing their unique user profile.

 two women and their interests

Individual recommendations

Our AI-powered recommendation system has been designed and trained to show your visitors the most relevant content that matches their profile. These recommendations are based on historical data that has been gathered and analyzed, combined with each visitor’s interest and previous actions.

woman surrounded by recommended products and her interests

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