The New Way To Boost Your Conversions: Push Notifications

Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users’ browsers, no matter which device they use or which browser they are on. Subscribers can be anywhere on the browser and still receive these messages as long as they are online.


I’m sure you all know in-app push notifications from on your phone. Browser push notifications are a bit different. In-app notifications appear only when triggered by an existing application on your mobile device, while browser push notifications can be triggered through browsers on any device as long as the user subscribes to receive your notifications. It is an instant mode of automated, direct communication between a website and its end users.


In the following blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about browser push notifications.



What do they look like?


Push notifications typically consist of a title, a message, an image and a URL. Write a title that catches your audience’s attention, use emojis to shorten your message and choose an image that is relevant to your notifications purpose.


Why it’s crucial to have an opt-in message


Opt-in messages are messages that you have to show to your website’s visitors in order to have their permission to send them push notifications. You can completely customize your opt-in message to your liking. Add more context to your message and adapt, depending on your target audience. A personalized message is always the way to go here ;)



What can I use push notifications for?


In order to have a better understanding of what you can use push notifications for, it’s interesting to look at different types of push notification campaigns you can run. We will explain 7 different types here:


1.    Rich Push Notifications


Unlike normal push notifications, rich push notifications allow you to add up to 3 clickable links. If you have more than one landing page where you want to send your subscribers, multiple CTA’s can help you achieve that. And, you can also track which CTA works the best for your customers which gives useful information for future campaigns!


2.    Abandoned Cart Push Notifications / Reminder Notifications


These are pretty self-explanatory. When you have an e-commerce website, people who have added items to their shopping cart, but haven’t finished their purchases can be retargeted with push notifications.


Are these notifications only applicable for e-commerce websites? The answer is no!

For example, they can also be used to remind people to complete contact forms and job applications.


With these notifications, you give a reminder and a trigger with a very easy CTA to your subscribers. This will help you to get more conversions!


3.    For-Your-Information (FYI) Notifications


Give your subscribers the latest news about what’s happening in your field. Want to let your users know about trending news on sports? Then send them this sports news alert! Choose whatever type fits your business goals.


4.    Triggered Push Notifications


Enhance your buyer’s journey through triggered push notification campaigns. With triggered campaigns, you can use push notifications as a proactive medium to follow your buyer’s journey. It enables you to push a series of automated messages based on predefined rules and real-time data collected after subscribers enter the campaign funnel.


Create different types of campaigns based on your push notification marketing strategy – open-ended campaigns or closed campaigns. An open-ended campaign enables you to send a series of notifications without an exit trigger. Once the subscriber receives all the notifications in the series you’ve planned, the campaign ends. A closed campaign is where you lay out a predefined goal, and once your subscriber completes the action, they exit the campaign. They no longer receive the remaining notifications in the series.


5.    Interest-Based Geo-location Notifications


Send your subscribers notifications based on their interests or location. These are great for date match alerts, stores nearby, recommendations and lots more! Apps like Tinder and Bumble or Uber Eats and Takeaway use them all the time.


6.    Mobile-Friendly Push Notifications


If your audience is mostly engaged on their mobile phones, send them mobile-friendly notifications. These are notifications that allow you to send push messages right to the user’s mobile browser, without having to invest in building an app!


7.    Time-Bound Notifications

Create a sense of urgency among users with limited-time offers, a soon approaching expiring date and so on. Your users will be eager to grab this opportunity and utilize the offer.



Why should you use Push Notifications?


Conservative estimates say the click rate from push notifications is 4-8X times that of email. It is a strictly permission-based medium. Subscribers will receive notifications if and only if they have opted-in. These characteristics make push notifications an extremely powerful communication channel for marketing!





Push notifications send direct messages to your visitor’s browser, widen your online reach without straining to capture details through lead forms, and let you connect with your subscribers easily through a single click opt-in.

They’re a must-have for every marketer who wants to connect with their audience!

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