Stop wasting your money on job boards

Let’s face it; we all waste our money from time to time. Think about all the takeout we didn’t need but ordered because we didn’t feel like cooking. Even though we know we’re paying too much for that delicious pizza, we somehow keep doing it. The good thing is that the food we ordered at least satisfied our needs, compared to the money recruiters are wasting on job boards without getting any results in return.

Posting your job openings on a job board is relatively easy. You have to sign up to a platform, that often has a free plan, and complete your account. If you would, however, like to get promoted at the top of the page you’ll have to pay for it. Recruitment companies spend tons of money on job boards every year, very often without booking the best results. 

Job board platforms are an effective way to generate a lot of traffic to your vacancies. The ugly truth, however, is that this traffic also brings one of the highest bounce rates with it. If the vacancy isn't what your applicant is looking for, he won't continue browsing on your website. He will instead go back to the job board and continue his search there. 

Let’s dive into the best way to fix this and even increase the click-through ratio to other vacancies while doing so.

Push your visitors in the right direction

Let me introduce you to your new best friend: the exit intent pop-up. You probably hate the idea of an intrusive pop-up already but hear me out on this one. 

An exit intent pop-up is a smart feature you can blend into your website to keep your visitors from leaving. Setting it up doesn’t take too long and best of all: you don’t need to be tech-savvy. 

The pop-up will notice the moment a visitor is about to close the page or wants to return to the job board. It will then immediately act upon it and show him content that will keep him on your website. It basically is your last effort to keep your visitor on your website a little longer. Just showing any pop-up definitely won’t work. You need the pop-up to be extremely relevant to your audience. 

Introducing an exit-intent on your job page might be that one little trick that keeps visitors from immediately leaving your website. Our data shows that 32% of the visitors that are about to go back to the job board and get to see the pop-up, end up applying to a job on your website anyway. 

One huge advantage you have in terms of data is the fact that you know what vacancy made the visitor land on your website in the first place. Since you already know what type of jobs he is interested in, you’re able to be one step ahead of him. 

Showing a pop-up with ‘other jobs you might be interested in’ when your visitor is about to return to the job board turns out to be extremely effective. You can link other vacancies on your website to the one your visitor is watching. When he’s about to leave the page, the website will know what job openings it needs to show. This extra value is highly appreciated by applicants because they get to see jobs that match their profile without having to do anything for it. They get to see more relevant jobs without expecting it. 

It not only benefits the applicants, it highly benefits the recruitment office as well. This way they’re able to show and fill in other vacancies the applicant might not have looked at otherwise.

Exceed expectations

Exit-intent pop-ups can bring an extreme amount of added value to your website if you know how to use them. You already have useful data at your disposal from the moment someone lands on your page through a job board. Use this information intelligently and you’ll be able to create more conversion without hurting the user experience.

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