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As you’ve probably guessed already, this article will tell you everything about the advantages pop-ups can bring to your webshop and sales process. 

People often find these little message boxes annoying and frustrating. The thing about pop-ups, however, is that they’re a very effective tool when they’re being used to enhance your customer experience rather than to push irrelevant content. Well-implemented pop-ups are a powerful way to boost sales, increase conversions, and reduce churn rates. 

Pop your shop to the top with these useful implementations!

Welcome new customers and collect valuable information

Getting a new potential customer on your website might be the first step towards creating loyalty. Consumers visit a ton of websites every day, so to be the one that will drive them into buying something might require some extra effort.

One thing all shoppers have in common is the love for discounts and great deals. Welcoming your new potential customers with a 10% discount off their first purchase in exchange for a newsletter subscription will increase the likelihood of a purchase. It will not only benefit them but it will also benefit you, creating a win-win for everyone. Collecting email addresses will shape new marketing opportunities at a later stage for your business and brings retargeting possibilities with it. 

Some say it’s bribery, we call it smart marketing.

Increase cart size with complementary products

Pop-ups cannot only be used for discounts or email collection but they can also improve your cross-selling. Most of the time, companies only show a pop-up that states that a product has successfully been added to the shopping cart. This is a great feature but it will not help you sell more products. 

Instead of only showing this message, you could easily integrate product recommendations into this pop-up. Showing complementary items that match products already added to the cart, allows shoppers to discover relevant items they might not have considered to buy before. Please note, however, that your cross-selling products should be relevant and should add value to their purchase. 

For example:

Imagine buying a new Macbook. You probably won’t be interested in buying a vacuum cleaner or tablet with this purchase. Something that could add extra value is a USB-C adapter, a mouse, a laptop case, etc. 

Implementing cross-selling in the confirmation pop-up won’t disrupt the customer journey but will instead add extra value.

Remind your visitors of your sale

Discounts result in more product sales and pop-ups are a fantastic tool to promote them. They can easily be implemented and can completely blend into the look and feel of your website. 

When a customer is about to leave the website, a pop-up with potential discounts might come in handy. Remind them of your promotion and lead them to the right pages or products. This will keep them on your website a little longer and enables you to showcase some additional products. 

Save your cart

This last tool is another smart implementation of using a pop-up as an exit-intent tool. On average, almost 80% of carts get abandoned on a global level. Targeting the shoppers that have actively browsed your website and added items to their cart could lead to more sales. 

Remind your visitors that they left some items in their shopping carts before they leave your website through an exit-intent pop-up. 

As you can see there are endless possibilities to increase your sales when using pop-ups correctly. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they will add extra value if they’re used properly. 

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