Make your website visitors feel at home before selling their own

Think about your childhood home and all the memories it holds. From the first tree house you built in your backyard to completely redecorating your room when you were a teenager.

Our home is something that holds a lot of important memories and is often a special place we’re very attached to. Buying or selling a house isn’t something you decide to do in a blink of an eye. It’s a well-considered decision that really demands a personal approach by real estate companies, both equally offline as online.

Your website often is the very first touchpoint you have with your potential customers. Most clients decide to browse a few websites before actually deciding which real estate office they would like to work with. 

Let’s show you how you could make your website stand out from your competitors and how you can increase your relevance towards your potential sellers and buyers. 

Give your real estate website that extra spark

The problem with real estate websites nowadays is that it often feels like you’re visiting the exact same website but with different agency names. They all use the same template and are usually built the same way. Your first touchpoint doesn’t feel unique and doesn’t create a sense of trust among your visitors. 

One way to stand out from your competitors is by doing something completely different with your website. You don’t necessarily need to get rid of the template, but you can easily customize it so it doesn’t feel like the same old website we’ve seen a 1000 times before. 

Once you have this new and fresh design, you can take it one step further. Style your website and show different versions of it to people who visit it often. This doesn’t have to be a long and difficult task. You can do this yourself, as a marketer, with an easy-to-use online editing platform.

Being able to show different versions of your website keeps your audience engaged and excited to come back. It is, however, important to make sure the website keeps its main purpose and visitors can easily find what they are looking for. 

Profile yourself the right way

The most important thing as a real estate agency is to gain your potential customers’ trust and to make sure they pick you over any other agency. Make sure they get a better feeling across all touchpoints with your company. One way to do so is by profiling yourself as an expert, not only in the real estate industry but as a regional expert as well. 

You could easily give your website a regional touch by implementing smart banners on your homepage and search pages. These banners can automatically adapt themselves to the areas your customers are interested in. 

Visitors from rural areas will get to see a beautiful green field compared to customers that live in a city and will get to see a key visual of that specific city.

Making sure you profile yourself as a regional expert will not only increase customers who would like to sell their properties through your company. It will push more people who are looking to buy a home towards actively browsing your website as well. 

Representing their area could be your first step towards increasing your relevancy and convincing them you’re the right partner to help them with their quest of selling or buying a property. Earning your visitors’ trust is the very first step towards winning them over.

Keep your website fresh and add value to your visitors’ customer experience by personalizing their journey. 

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