Break through your data black box and get to know your visitors

Are you having a hard time fully understanding the visitors of your website and what they might be looking for? 

I can assure you that the data your website provides you with is everything you need. This big black box often feels like an endless maze that you can’t seem to find a way out of, I know. 

What if I told you that implementing a Customer Data Platform fueled by Artificial Intelligence could easily point you in the right direction and could give you deep insights into your visitors and future applicants?

Let’s guide you through the maze with this article and show you all the benefits it could bring to your recruitment company.

Get smart 

A customer data platform is a smart system that can easily track online behavior and link it to a specific person. It pulls data from multiple sources, analyzes it and combines it to create a single customer profile.  

The driving force behind the data analysis is Artificial Intelligence. AI systems learn by performing a certain task and constantly analyzing and improving the process of it. It will help you to automate a lot of work so you can focus on other things and spend your time more valuable.

The only thing your visitors need to do is leave their email addresses and accept your website’s cookies. Once they’ve done this, the AI system will be able to feed your Customer Data Platform. 

This platform will bundle all relevant info in a simple, customizable dashboard that gives you a clear overview of who they are, what they have been looking at and what they might be struggling with. It enables you, as a recruiter, to act upon it in both your online and offline channels.

Increase online relevancy

As the website tracks your visitors' online behavior, it will enable you to act upon this data and show them recommended content on your website and in your emails. This will keep them nurtured. 

Website improvements could range from showing relevant jobs in personalized recommendation boxes to implementing smart banners that adapt themselves to your visitor’s interest. 

Having a clear view of what your visitors are interested in and what they’re exactly looking for gives you a massive advantage in terms of tailoring your email campaigns. The customer data platform will give you a clear overview of what essential steps the customer has completed and what conversions have taken place. This analysis enables you to target them with triggers to guide them to the next step in the process.

Has a visitor spent a lot of time looking for sales jobs? Let’s send him an email to recommend relevant sales jobs. As he’s into sales jobs, he might also be interested in following a sales training that’s being hosted by your company. Let’s send him an invitation by email to join the training.

Boost your offline recruitment processes

As the CDP-dashboard contains all the info about your possible applicants, it makes it easier for recruiters to personalize their offline communication as well. 

They’ll have all the applicant’s necessary background info before calling him and can therefore completely prepare and tailor their calls to the exact needs of the candidate. 

Registered users nowadays still receive calls months after they’ve been active on their profile and the recruiter often doesn’t know what they’re interested in or if they’re still looking for a job.

A clear overview of everyone enables you to follow-up with all the visitors that have recently interacted with your company. You’re still in their mind and this gives you the perfect opportunity to follow-up with them. You could open the call with: “Hi Jim, I saw you were looking for marketing jobs. I’m calling you to let you know that we’ve got a few openings as marketing manager in Amsterdam for you.”. This immediately makes your call a lot more personalized and brings you closer to your possible applicant from the start.

As the AI-system analyzes everything the visitors do, it will also be able to detect what problems they may encounter or what part of the funnel they’re stuck in. This gives you, as a recruiter, the opportunity to reach out to them. It also becomes easier for you to follow-up with the right candidates and to assist them with any help they might need in their flow.

You could also get notifications about inactive profiles, enabling you to contact these users after some time to see if they are still looking for a job. If not, you could ask them if their profile can be archived.

As you can see, having a deep knowledge of your customers not only benefits your online recruitment process, it benefits the overall process and increases your relevancy to your customers.

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