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Helping marketers to build customer experiences without code

Our mission

We believe every individual has its own passion and qualities. Marketers have the ideas to implement personal experiences and have to bother development to create their ideas because they simply can’t do it themselves. Resulting in a lot of frustrations, high investment and a lot more resources needed. Our goal is to give the marketers the opportunity to create these personal experiences without having to write any code.



We aim to turn your black-box-website into actionable insights.



We believe the development team shouldn’t limit marketers.



Our goal is to give every visitor a personal approach.

Our story

We noticed a change in the online user experience. The Spotifys, Facebooks and Amazons have a significant advantage towards the rest of the Internet. They are extremely relevant towards their visitors and everybody is getting used to this personal approach. A lot of companies are having a hard time to compete against these personal experiences.

Due to this change a company was born: Taglayer. It was founded on the notion that we want to make it possible for every marketer to provide a personal approach to their visitors without having to use any code.

Today, we created software that makes it possible to create no-code personal experiences across different channels.

Management team

Willem Drijver

CEO / Founder of Taglayer

"I’m passionate about helping others to succeed. Founded my first company at the age of 16 and started Taglayer to give every visitor a personal experience."


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marketers didn’t have to nag developers.



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